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If you Haven’t Seen “Secondhand Lions”

Michael Caine - Viennale (Vienna International Film Festival) 2012 at Gartenbaukino

If you Haven’t Seen “Secondhand Lions”

YouTube Link: If you haven’t seen “Secondhand Lions”

Four out of five

Four Stars

If you haven’t seen is a film review channel that Hot Air Productions producers. This film review is for the 2003 comedy-drama Secondhand Lions. This coming of age film really taught me not to judge a movie by the poster cover. It is funny, action packed, and fun for the whole family. Writer/director Tim McCanlies did a superb job with this film. The plot will keep you engaged throughout the movie and it is only rivaled by the outstanding performances delivered by the very talented lead actors. I give this film a four out of five star rating.


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I was born in Reno, Nevada but I was raised in Denton, Texas. I am very passionate about film and the art of storytelling. I am the owner of my own film production company call Hot Air Productions. I also am a musician that loves to play and sing my own original songs.

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