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Eyes of a Christian Filmmaker

YouTube Link: Eyes of a Christian Filmmaker


Kristian Snow shares his story as a missionary-filmmaker in Haiti who has been touching thousands of lives through local TV broadcasting using basic film equipment and volunteers. Having experienced so much freedom and opportunity to share, Kristian has developed a deeper sense of the purpose for Godly filmmaking and shares it in this short biography. Now he wants to use his newly pioneered TV Program, “Bon Fwi”, to raise Haitian filmmakers who can produce Christian television.

To find out more about Kristian visit
or watch clips from the TV program he runs at

Why we like it

At Hot Air Productions it is goal to create quality films and reach a global audience with our content. Sometimes this task can seem daunting to say the least given our remote location. However, this video is a good reminder that you have to start building where you are and that your message will continue to grow and branch out beyond your reach. Kristian also shares a very important message about the responsibility as content creators to produce wholesome material that will uplift audiences rather than drag them down with base content.

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I was born in Reno, Nevada but I was raised in Denton, Texas. I am very passionate about film and the art of storytelling. I am the owner of my own film production company call Hot Air Productions. I also am a musician that loves to play and sing my own original songs.

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