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Working With Affordable Lights

If you are an aspiring filmmaker like us here at Hot Air Productions you may have noticed that film gear isn’t cheap. So you have to do the best with what you have or find the most affordable gear and work with that. However, you usually get what you pay for so you have to learn what exactly are the set backs of some of the less expensive gear. In some cases you may only be sacrificing things like convenience or durability. While in other cases you could sacrificing image or audio quality. So doing your research and finding out what you are giving up for the better deal is a very important step when making you choices on gear.


lights-light-bulb-idea Now one of the most important elements in any film production is lighting. Lighting helps to do things like set the mood of a scene or highlight important details in the frame. Furthermore, without it you are just going to have a black screen for your first short film. So properly lighting your shot is very important but it doesn’t have to be expensive. In some cases you don’t even need any lighting equipment at all. For example you can use natural lighting from the sun. However, this isn’t going to be an option for everyone of your scenes so you are going to have to use artificial light at some point.

3 point Lighting

For those of you reading who don’t already know how to do a basic three point lighting set up here is a great tutorial.

Next Level

If you are ready take things up a notch you can start looking into buying some higher grade lighting gear. Not only will these new light bring your production quality up but it will also make you look more professional around your clients. A good option for an affordable Led light would be something like the CAME-TV Daylight Led Light Kit. You can order online CLICK ME TO BUY!

Like I mentioned earlier you need to learn your equipments limits. Here is a great video on how you can check the light quality of your new gear from the guys over at Next Wave DV. They are using the CAME-TV Daylight Led Light Kit in their demonstration. Enjoy!

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