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david_adkissonOur Producer

Hello Everyone,

My name is David Adkisson and I am the owner/Producer of Hot Air Productions. Since I hope to be creating breathtaking films and telling astonishing stories with you soon, I thought it only polite to introduce myself. A little of my back-story goes something like this. I was born in the biggest littlest city in the world Reno, Nevada. However, fate would have it that I be raised by cowboys in the heart of the lone star state. Yes, I am talking about God’s gift to the United States, Texas. It was here that I learned the art of telling tall tales and how to dream big. Like many rugged trailblazers before me I developed these skills sitting by a fire, playing my guitar and singing the cattle to sleep with songs I had written about life and love. After awhile my dear mother told me that I needed to share my gift with more than just the cows and the night sky. Then she entered me into national talent competition called AMTC.


To my surprise I did very well in this competition and even made the top 25 out of thousands of contestants from all over the United States and of all ages. What astounded me even more was that it wasn’t for my songwriting but for acting. I really only participated in the acting portion of the competition because the judges asked me to. I never would have imagined that people would like my acting. After the competition I received a call back from a couple of acting agencies that had seen me perform. With those call backs I saddled up my mustang set out for Atlanta, GA with 200 bucks in my pocket and dreams of stardom in my heart.

My Calling

 Atlanta is where it really all happened for me. After I got a taste of the film industry I was instantly hooked. My new addiction had me wanting more and more and soon acting was just not enough. One night it just dawned on me that I need to do more than just act in films. I needed to create films. From there I took my new calling and all of my belongs out to the Mid-West. Why the mid-west you might ask and the answer is no one really knows. I just figured a new calling needs a new location to grow properly. With this clarity of my life’s purpose I realized I needed to get the best training to be the best filmmaker alive. So I enrolled myself into Full Sail Universities Digital Cinematography Bachelor of Science program. I also created Hot Air Productions and started making awe-inspiring films with very talented people. I am telling you all of this because I want you to understand that I know what is to have big dreams just like you. I also know that others my laugh at them or tell you that they are nothing more than just hot air. Well I want you to know that here at Hot Air Productions we are in the business of making dreams rise and turning that “hot air” into a grand production. If you would like to know more feel free to contact us hereThank you for your time and I hope to be creating great things with you soon.