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Whether it’s a commercial, web video or a feature-length film, we believe that every project has the power to move someone. That’s what storytelling is all about. For us, script to screen means more than full-service. It’s about using our creativity and passion to execute a vision so that everyone can share in the experience.

Okay, but what do we really do? Hot Air Productions is a film production company based in the mid-west. We’ve produced a wide range of projects for everyone from large commercial clients to non-profit organizations to major TV studios. It is our goal to deliver our clients vision and only their vision. At Hot Air Productions we use our knowledge and skills of cinematography to help make your dreams a reality on screen. If you are not happy with your video than we are not happy with your video. With our services you are seated in the directors chair and we will not stop working until we have created your perfect film.

Just so you have an idea of where to begin with us, here is a quick overview of what we can do. We are what you would call a “full service” production company. This simply means that we do everything from concept design and script writing to advance video editing and everything in between. So weather you have the whole production planned and written out and you are just looking for someone to shoot it and edit it or if you only have a small idea of what you need with no real plan or design, we can help. To really get an idea of what we can do you should check out our demo reel here.